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I just left your facility both leaving my dog George and touring it for the 1st time as we are an hour away. This is my 1st time boarding my dogs EVER and by the end of our tour I felt so comfortable, I wanted to give your Customer Service Representative a hug. I felt so warm and fuzzy: ). Your facility is amazing, VERY clean and efficiently run. Your staff is also extremely friendly and polite! My family and I could definitely feel the love and can now rest assured that you are taking great care of our puppy! 5 stars on a FABULOUS first impression!

Christy D.

This was the first time our dog, Quinn, stayed at Wagsworth. The staff was wonderful with him and he seemed to really enjoy it.

Angela E.

I am very lucky to be able to have my dog stay at Wagsworth. He is in capable and caring hands. A few times recently,I really needed last minute reservations and the staff went above and beyond to help me. If my dog, Billy, can't be with me,I love that he can stay with his caregivers at Wagsworth. Highly recommend

Mary K S.

Sandy loved his play date today. The day camp is such a great option. Thanks

Andrea P.

Thanks for always taking such great care of Bailey, even when his parents are being a bit neurotic!! You always understand this and just do the right thing to help us feel better. Love the photo from today! :)

Doreen C.

I absolutely love taking our dog Cooper to Wagsworth. They take amazing care of him when he is there for Doggy Day Care and have always been nothing but helpful. We were there for Yappy Hour yesterday and it was amazing to see Cooper run over excitedly to the different staff members to say hi. All of the staff members seem knowledgeable and really care about the pets in their care. Thank you so much for everything that you do for us :)

Kelsey D.

Another happy vacation at Wagsworth! Aidan and Oliver always have such a great time. We've never had a problem with the staff and the care that they receive. They always look relaxed, happy and well taken care of when we come to pick them up.

Aislinn J.

Great place for a dog to spend a fun party-like weekend!

Matt P.

When my mother watches our dog Wiley for us he always gets to go to "camp" at Wagsworth. He loves it and comes home completely exhausted and happy! It's always hard to leave him but we feel better knowing he gets lots of good playtime at the Manor.

Margot S.

Our Border Collie, Ranger just spent his second vacation at Wagsworth. He was there for 11 days and was in the Silo and had the Works daily activity plan. We also asked for an email every other day on how his day was and the emails were so much fun to read!! 

Wagsworth does an amazing job on making sure our very busy border collie has a full day. He is home now and pooped out. Plus he gets to make so many new doggie friends. 

We are committed to using Wagsworth everytime we go away now and Ranger will be very excited for his next visit later this year sometime.

Thanks to all the staff at Wagsworth for taking care of Mr. Ranger!!!

Michael K.

My dog LOVES LOVES LOVES to go to Wags.

Tacey T.

Thank you SO much for taking such great care of Charlie this weekend! It was his first weekend away from us and I am SO happy with the results. He is happy and content, so I know he had a great time and got LOTS of attention. Just what he needed! And I am so relieved to have found a place where we know he is in good hands. Thanks again and we will see you in a few weeks!

Ellen S.

gif wagsworth running dogsFantastic experience!

Christine H.

Thanks for taking such great care of our "Little Man".

Rob & Doreen C.

To the Wagsworth Manor family - Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and being my favorite place to come and play!

Love, Portia F. (aka "Big Portia")

Thanks for taking great care of me!

Bailey W.

Thank you for taking such good care of me in 2012.

Emily D.

Thank you for taking such good care of us!

Love, Charlie & Pepper C.

There is no way to thank Jeanne enough for the special love she shared with our Bella on the night shift. She is a very special person and I was so glad to have had the chance to talk to her.

Michele A. & Family

To all my friends at Wagsworth - Have a purr-fectly merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Thank you for taking such good care of me!!

Love, Mylo H.

To everyone at Wagsworth: Thanks for all you do to take care of Ginger! She loves spending time there, and your efforts are appreciated. Best wishes for the merriest of holidays and a happy new year!

Barb M.

To everyone at Wagsworth (especially Jeanne) - We wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday. Thanks for taking great care of Lilly - she loves to go there!

Lilly, Joana & Paul I.

Hi, I just wanted to send a note to say how great Wagsworth is. We have been bringing our dog, Dutch, to Wags for almost a year now. The facility is amazing and everyone on the staff is friendly and great. We even dropped Dutch off on Saturday for camp while we Christmas shopped. It's nice to have a place for him to go so he did not have to spend the afternoon alone at home. Plus he loves attention and he gets plenty of that at Wags. To the entire staff, thank you for operating a wonderful facility.

Bob H.

Last Saturday (November 17) we had our 3 Golden Retrievers, Daisy, Isabel and Katie there at Wagsworth for grooming. First I would like to say that the facility is beautiful - clean, well-maintained and the staff was exceptionally customer service oriented. Second, the groomer Rachel met us upon arrival and asked what our expectations were and if there were any specific requests we had. After the meet/greet, we walked the girls back to the grooming area and left. Upon our return we were thrilled by the job that Rachel did. The girls looked beautiful and happy and Rachel did a fantastic job. Wagsworth we be our ONLY grooming location. Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful facility you have and what a great job Rachel did with our girls. She was loving to them and did a great job grooming them

Thanks, Mike L.

Dear Wagsworth Manor Staff - Thank you so much for taking care of our baby Asher. He had so much fun. He has been sleeping all afternoon. See you in a few weeks.

Sincerely, Asher's Mommies Saundra & Deborah

Dear Wagsworth Manor - Woof a great time I had last week vacationing with new friends and terrific-smelling people who treated me with love and kindness!

Thanks, Brody T.

Just wanted to say thank you to Niki who groomed our Cavalier King Charles (Charlie) yesterday. I basically brought to her a 4-legged mop and in a few hours out popped a beautifully groomed pup! She was awesome and did a wonderful job! She did exactly what I asked her to do which was a lot of skilled cutting and she did a beautiful job indeed! Thank you Niki and the staff at Wagsworth!

Margaret K.

Our furry family members' tails don't wag but we, and they, appreciate the beautiful accommodations and excellent care they enjoyed recently. Thank you for being so cat friendly!

Chris and Maureen H. (for Elsa and Mimo)

Dear Wagsworth family - Thank you so very much for taking such good care of our boy Bengal during our two week vacation! He's been coming to Wagsworth for almost five years and loves everyone there. We are always relaxed knowing he is getting the best care. We especially appreciated the call concerning his well-being when he was a bit homesick during the first week! You really went the extra mile and suggested ways to make him more comfortable, which were extremely helpful. It's so nice to know that you are so attentive and caring - I'm sure many facilities wouldn't have bothered to call, or even to notice that he wasn't quite himself! Thank you again for loving him and making him feel secure. Wagsworth really is his home away from home!

Warm regards, Laurie, Steve, and Ariana M.

Tori just spent time with his "cousins" (Dutch, Focker, Zoey and Chyppr) from 06/18-06/24 - and had a wonderful time obviously. I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the obvious care he got - he was nice and clean and fluffy too - and you somehow "cured" his constant "winter nose" which I have been trying to do for 2 years. I would love to know what the Wagsworth regimen was that made this take place - so I can adjust his lifestyle at home and keep it black! A nice black button nose is SO much more attractive on a golden than the yucky yellow/brown! What is the secret? I do want to give you thanks for the great job you do with your 4-footed 'guests' - he came home happy and healthy, and I think better behaved in many respects. Congratulations and thanks for a job well done!

Ginger P.

Dear Erin & Staff - Thank you so much for taking care of our baby Asher. He had so much fun. He has been sleeping all afternoon. See you in a few weeks.

Sincerely, Asher's Mommies Saundra & Deborah

Aidan and Oliver just returned from their week-long vacation. I know they had a blast! They were tired when they got home but they were very relaxed, that is always a good sign. They couldn't wait to go back to their suite when we dropped them off, so I know they were excited to be there. Thank you so very much for giving them such good care and love while they stayed there

Sincerely, Lynne J.

Your pet resort is Rex & Simon's favorite place to spend their birthday every year. Your staff was especially caring this year -- they made their birthday very special.

Sincerely, Jennifer S.

Dear Mike - Sonny & I were very upset when we realized we let Christmas pass without thanking you for the attention you give him. You were a big help in him transitioning from Great Valley to Wagsworth. Sonny seems very happy there now. Thanks for always noticing Sonny and giving him warmth and love. So instead of "Merry Christmas", how about "Happy Spring!".

Thanks again, Sonny & Patricia W.

Preston & Sammie love to come for day camp!

Kristin W.

Dear Wagsworth Caregivers: Words cannot express how much we appreciate the exceptional care and affection you gave to our Max while we were in Hawaii. He came home happy, healthy and full of life...a sure sign that the care at Wagsworth is something special! We especially looked forward to your daily emails which gave us the peace of mind to fully enjoy our holiday. Thank you to the entire staff!

Marcy D. & Laura F.

Dear Wagsworth Caregivers: Words cannot express how much we appreciate the exceptional care and affection you gave to our Max while we were in Hawaii. He came home happy, healthy and full of life...a sure sign that the care at Wagsworth is something special! We especially looked forward to your daily emails which gave us the peace of mind to fully enjoy our holiday. Thank you to the entire staff!

Marcy D. & Laura F.

Dear Deedee & Brad, Staff, and Caregivers: My yellow lab Misty has been a regular day camp pooch at Wagsworth for the past two years. Ever since she was a puppy, Misty has grown to know Wagsworth as her home away from home and I do mean that literally... I recently had a fire at my home and had to board Misty during the week of January 21-28th. Although we are all safe and Misty too, it was a scary and abrupt change to her daily routine. Luckily though, Misty absolutely loves the Wagsworth staff and always receives the best care. I understand that you also boarded two other fire victim pets and I am very thankful for the safe and worry-free alternative Wagsworth provides to pet owners during such unforeseen circumstances. I am thankful that Misty was in good hands and able to enjoy group play with her canine friends during this difficult time. Your tagline states, "a luxury retreat for the furry elite," but Wagsworth is so much more: the hands-on attention, activities, grooming, and care that you provided to Misty are simply the best! Misty thanks you and I thank you!

Becky R.

Words cannot express how much we appreciate the exceptional care and affection you gave to our Max while we were in Hawaii. He came home happy, healthy and full of life - a sure sigh that the care at Wagsworth is something special! We especially looked forward to your daily emails which gave us the peace of mind to fully enjoy our holiday. Thank you to the entire staff!

Mary D. & Laura T.

To the Wonderful Staff: We recently boarded our 11-year-old maltese, Sugar, at your facility for the Thanksgiving break. As you can imagine, we were devastated to leave her for such a long period of time. Upon picking her up, my husband sent me a text with her picture saying, "Look how great Sugar looks! She is happy, well-fed and so fluffy!" I, the skeptic, texted back, "Are you sure that is her? Do the paw test!" Sure enough, it WAS our beloved Sugar. She honestly looked better than when we dropped her off! Prior to her staying there, she was rushed to the pet ER for an allergic reaction and we were so nervous about boarding her, but your staff truly made her feel comfortable. Please know how grateful and appreciative we are for making not only us, but our Sugar, happy and comfortable!

Gratefully yours, Maria & Andrew A. (and Sugar!)

We would just like to say a huge Thank You to all of the workers who make Wagsworth such a wonderful place for dogs to come! Bella was at another day care facility and wasn't treated very nice. So we switched immediately over to you and haven't been happier! Thank you for all you do to ensure Bella has a wonderful day at day camp. May you and all of your families have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Andrew and Angela V. (and Bella)

Dear Rachel and Team, It was great to see you last Sunday. As always, thank you for our grooming. We look and feel great.

Warm Regards, Chloe & Colin F.

Your staff was very kind and helpful. Thank you for having such wonderful employees!

Sincerely, Laura O.

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how satisfied we are with the bath and grooming that Nicky gave to Kaiser, our Saint Bernard, yesterday. She did a thorough job of brushing out all of his tough spots, around his ears and especially down the back of his back legs. These are areas that other groomers have overlooked. Great job, Nicky! Kaiser looks, feels and smells great.

Thank you, Dave, Kelly & Kaiser

Dear Friends at Wags - Thank you for the wonderful care you gave Blossom ("Wheels") during the past few months. Your evening emails were thoughtful and reassuring. She always was beautifully groomed for her return home, and her bag of towels, flip-flops - and the coat - all nicely organized. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Bloss on Monday. Had it not been for all of you, that goodbye would have been much sooner. Thank you for the extra time.

Blossom's Mom

Dear Wagsworth - On behalf of Abbie and Gidget, we thank you for taking such wonderful care of them last week. They came home looking fabulous (especially after their baths) and happy too! They did sleep a lot the first day home! This was their first boarding experience, and they were happy and so were we! I didn't even worry about them - I had confidence Wagsworth people would be fantastic! We will definitely be bringing them back the next vacation we take!

Sincerely, Jackie S.

Thank you so much for hosting another great Yappy Hour. The food was great and once again we met many nice dogs and their owners!

Rob, Doreen & Bailey

We signed up our collie MacGyver for weekly swim sessions at Wagsworth after he had a partially torn ACL, and we feel that this therapy really helped him make a full recovery. The vet was amazed at how little swelling there was in the joint when he went for his 6-month checkup. Helped me to avoid a costly surgery bill!

Thanks, Judy

My black lab, Ruby, just spent two weeks at your facility. I have to say it was the best kennel I have ever seen or utilized. All of the pet caregivers were extremely kind and sensitive. When I called to check in on Ruby, whoever answered the phone was courteous and willing to offer an update on how she was doing. It was great to have many different offerings for the dogs on a daily basis and when I checked in the host at the desk was more than willing to customize my schedule for Ruby's two weeks without hesitation. Very friendly staff! The report card at the end made me really feel she was well looked after and cared for. I would definitely use Wagsworth again and certainly recommend to my friends. Thank you for caring for my dog! I think she misses everyone.

Amy H.

We cannot even begin to thank the staff at Wagsworth Manor enough for the excellent care they took of our puggle, Penny. Many family members warned us that she would be "off" for a few days after returning from being boarded; however, Penny has been her normal, happy self since returning from her stay at your facilities. We were so pleased with the report we received from Stacie telling us about Penny's eating habits, overall health, and her experience during group play! I was devastated that I had to even leave Penny in the first place, but now that we have found such an amazing place that truly cares about our dog we agreed that Wagsworth would be the only place for her to stay in the future! It is obvious that Wagsworth cares deeply about the pets that stay there as well as their owners. I mixed up the closing time on Sunday and we ended up getting to your facility a little after you had closed. An employee leaving to go home for the evening saw us and realized how upset we were about not being able to pick up Penny. She immediately went inside and the entire staff was extremely pleasant and kind in helping us to check our dog out. I am sure this staff member wanted to get home to her own family, but we are so grateful that she took a few extra minutes to help us out. You cannot put a price on that kind of caring and compassion. We will definitely recommend Wagsworth to all our friends with pets and will continue to take Penny to your facilities! Thank you to everyone who made her stay a truly wonderful experience!

Many thanks, Amanda, Andy & Penny

Dear Deedee, Barbie & everyone at Wags - You made Bubba's birthday amazing. The cake was beautiful and the day was perfect. We cannot thank the staff at Wags enough. You are all such a big part of our little family. Thank you for all that you do for all of us and for taking such good care of our baby. You guys can really throw a party.

Love & Gratitude, Bubba's Mom and Dad

Dear Wagsworth Staff - Thank you for taking excellent care of us on our first stay at Wagsworth. We truly appreciate it! A special thank you to Ashley our caregiver! Many thanks for the email report and details on the report card!

Warm regards, Chloe & Colin F.

Dear Wagsworth Staff & Caregivers - Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided for our furry family of canines and felines. We were amazed at the affection the dogs showed toward Ashely and vice-versa. We will certainly bring the "clan" to visit again on our next vacation. The cats looked wonderful after their grooming treatment! We've never seen them look so healthy. Thanks again for all the "TLC" you gave to our kids.

Many Thanks, Andrea H. & Nancy S.

Dear Ashley - Just a note of special thanks for taking such good care of our baby "Brody". It was such a relief to us while on vacation to know that you were taking such good care of him! He was his usual happy self when we brought him home too! We wanted to say a personal goodbye and thanks but you weren't around when he was picked up. Hopefully we'll stop to see you or return again some time! PS: We'll be back for Stay n' Play May 8th and grooming at noon. Hope to see you!

Love & Thanks, Regina, Ennio, Jacki, Laura & Brody

Thank you so much for taking such great care of Bella, Zeus and Kiah. There is no doubt that they had a wonderful time, it is evident in their behavior. I know they will miss playing with their new friends. We will surely be back in the future.

Thanks again, The Anderson Family

I brought my dog Ollie in on Friday for a grooming and was so impressed by your staff. First, Ollie received a fantastic cut but also the customer service was amazing. Casey informed me that Ollie was nervous and that she noticed blood in his stool. She then proceeded to suggest that I pick him up while she calls my vet for an appointment. This is amazing service. To top it off, she followed up the next day and asked how he was (which I still owe her a phone call back). As for Ollie, the vet informed me that he is has a bout of anxiety and is stressed. There has been some changes in the household and he is feeling it. So sad!

Needless to say, I have already passed the word on to my friends who are dog owners and will continue to recommend your facility. I did before but now I have 1st hand experience.

Thanks, Tami

We just wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation to the entire staff - especially Barbie - for taking care of "our boys". We had such heavy hearts when we learned that we would have to board them for the first time in their lives recently. Little did we know that they'd be staying at their very first doggy resort! We were nervous at first, but quickly put at ease after our tour, any many questions being answered by your patient and understanding staff. Michelob & Diesel can sure be a handful - noisy, energetic, jumpy, loud, etc.! But they seemed to have had a great time. We hope that you enjoyed them and all the love and kisses they have to give! We can't wait to return! Thanks again.

Jen F., Michelob & Diesel

Rob and I both want to thank you for all the wonderful care Bailey receives when he visits! We have used grooming, swimming, daycare, and most recently taking agility classes and have been totally impressed with all these services! We feel totally confident when we drop him off that he will receive the best care and he loves to come.

Doreen & Rob C.

To everyone at Wagsworth - Just wanted to thank you all for the excellent care Chief receives when he is there to play or board.

Recently you went the extra mile for us by taking Chief in on sudden notice due to a death in our family. It has been a relief knowing that Chief is safe and happy in our absence. I can't thank you enough.

Rebecca C.

I am writing to let you know how much my dogs (Casey and Paddy) and I enjoyed visiting you this weekend. We came to the one-hour Group Swim on Saturday and Sunday because I wanted them to have more confidence in their swimming skills. Your instructor, Zac, did an excellent job with them and they really responded to the care and positive reinforcement that he used in their training. The overall experience that we had this weekend with all of the employees at Wagsworth will only make us more comfortable with leaving Casey and Paddy in their care the next time that my husband and I leave them at Wagsworth!

Cyndy B.

A co-worker recommended Wagsworth when I mentioned I was looking for someplace to board my dog Daisy during some summer trips. She cautioned me that Wagsworth wasn't your average facility, and asked if Daisy was used to being "pampered." Curious, I immediately pulled up the website and was thrilled to see so many great service offerings. I called that day to reserve a spot for Daisy for a 3 night stay in June, and an 8 night stay in July.

When I arrived to drop Daisy off, I was pleased to see a clean, bright, and welcoming lobby. I booked Daisy for group play for her whole stay. The staff was friendly and professional: they asked about Daisy's immunizations and gave me a schedule of her daily activities, which I found really handy. When I came to pick Daisy up a few days later, she bounded down the hall toward me, clean and happy.

A few weeks later, when I pulled into the parking lot to drop her off for the 4th of July, she saw the building out the window, and wagged her tail furiously - clearly excited that she was returning to a place where she'd had so much fun. What I like most about Wagsworth is the peace of mind I get while I'm away - I know she's in the care of competent and caring professionals, people who own dogs themselves and are committed to providing a stress free and fun place. I know that when Daisy's there, she's certainly treated like one of "the furry elite."

Alicia H.

Hi - Just wanted to thank you all (a little late) for the wonderful care you gave "my boys", Buddy and Jack for the 15 days they were with you earlier this month. They came home happy and content and obviously well cared for. It's always a little gut-wrenching when you leave your animals to be cared for outside of their family, but sometimes we have to do it and hope for the best. I think they got the best! I've told just about everyone I know that has an animal about you and hope they will think of you when it comes time for them to board their friends too. I feel a little more free to go away now that I have such a great place to have them cared for. Jack (the fussy little eater that he is....) wants to especially thank you for going out and getting him a steak sandwich so he would eat his dinner! That was so extraordinarily nice of the staff to do that for him. Again, thank you for sending home happy and content dogs, it means a lot to me.

Sincerely, Karen D.

A special thanks to Nicki and thanks to all who made our first trip to Wagsworth Manor so pleasant. Pearl (black & white Newfoundland) knew she was beautiful when we came to get her after her day of beauty. She has never looked so good and the kids couldn't stop petting her. They said she felt so soft, like a teddy bear. You have our business forever and we will spread the word.

Cathy M.

Our sweet baby, our German Shepherd Jesse, has bad knees and surgery was recommended by a local vet. We later learned that swimming for exercise could help her heal without surgery. We have been swimming her at Wagsworth Manor for over a year and her leg has become stronger than we ever expected and we have successfully avoided surgery. Yeah! Wagsworth pool is a heated, salt water pool and is immaculately clean. Actually, the entire facility is cleaner than most human resorts! The grounds are gorgeous and BEST OF ALL it is evident the caregivers and other employees truly love the animals. We love going to Wagsworth and have recommended it to friends and family several times and no one has ever been disappointed. Thanks Wagsworth Manor for being a bark above the rest!

Cristy and Rich

To everyone at Wagsworth Manor: Thank you all so much for being here. We cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have such a happy, fun and nurturing place to bring our furry friends. We've quite the gang - sometimes it's our 3 goldens, sometimes it's adding our bird and hamsters. You always make room, and most importantly, make our beloved pets feel safe, loved and happy! They barely know we're gone! If you knew how attached they are to us, you will begin to understand how remarkable a feat that is! Thank you again!

The Robinsons

We just wanted to say thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our "babies" while we were gone on vacation. The attention and love and the quality of care they received at Wagsworth was exactly what we were looking for - a home away from home! Thanks again!

Marla, Bryan and the girls

Wagsworth Manor is simply amazing! Our pup, Jack, has separation anxiety so it's difficult for my husband and me to leave him when we go away. We worry about him. I had heard great things about Wagsworth so we decided we'd try it for a short stay over the Christmas holiday. We could tell he was going to have a great time with his new friends when we dropped him off. When we returned he was so happy, and he was very well taken care of. It was no question that he would board with them again while we vacationed in Disney.

We have always enjoyed receiving the report cards after his stay, but this time we wanted to see how much fun he was having on his "vacation". We decided to purchase the video package since we were going to be away for a week. Oh my goodness, Jack had a blast! He was smiling and running around in the snow! We saw that he's also quite the tennis ball hog, which my husband, the soccer coach says, "It's all about possession." Go Jack! Thank you, Wagsworth, for the work you do. Jack gets so excited whenever we pull up to your resort to stay there for a few days! We know, and he knows, he'll be well cared for! We'll be back again as soon as we go on another vacation.

Jennifer M.

Hello! I brought my dog (Wick - Cairn Terrier) to your establishment earlier this week for a half day of camp and then a grooming appointment with Nicki. I just want to say that I was VERY happy with the quality of care and service that I received. Nicki did a great job grooming him and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy his day of play. At least I think he did because he was zonked out as soon as we got in the car! We will defintiely be returning in the future and keep up the good work! Thank you.

Betsy H.

To all our friends at Wagsworth Manor - Thank you so much for taking such good care of us! We love you!

Love, Chanel, Coco & Kathleen

Homer stayed at Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort from 10/29 to 11/3, for the first time, recommended by a friend who lives locally, and I have to say he returned home SO HAPPY and relaxed that I would never hesitate to have him check in again.

In the past, he had only been to a highly recommended kennel, two times, however, upon return, he was extremely agitated, depressed, neurotic. This time, when he came home, he was so "normal", which is difficult for a rescue dog, even though we have been together 3- and-a-half years.

I want to thank the staff at this time of Thanksgiving, for making Homer of My Heart very happy while I was on vacation.

Homer's mom

I have never seen my dogs more excited than when we pull up to Wagsworth. I have two labs and they get so excited for group play and swimming. Once we walk into the doors they run and leave me...they could care less that I am leaving and are just so interested on the fun that they have there. At the end of the day when I go to pick them up they are tired from all of the playing and come home to sleep. Wagsworth is a great place and I feel very safe to take my dogs there. I know they are being well taken care of and I would like to thank the staff for being so caring!

Karen M.

Hi! I'm sorry it took me so long to tell you, but I wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found a place for my dog, Luigi. He stayed at Wagsworth Manor only one night at the end of June, but I can tell he was well taken care of. Everyone there was so friendly. We will be back soon!


Its about time that a facility such as Wagsworth Manor is here in Pa! I have 3 dogs and they love this place! Its clean and the staff are very friendly. I would not board my dogs anywhere else. My dogs come home well exercised and happy. I highly recommend Wagsworth Manor if you want the very best for your pet.


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