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Day Camp

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A Wagsworth Day

Whether your pet is a lap-dog or a Frisbee champ, the day camp program at Wagsworth Manor is the perfect, worry-free alternative to leaving your canine pal at home. Rain or shine, your pet will enjoy a day of fun, attention and companionship in a healthy, caring atmosphere.

After a day at Wagsworth Manor, your pet will go home relaxed and ready to rest by your side.

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Group Play

  • Day Camp hours 7am to 7pm on weekdays, 9am-5pm Sat
  • 6 acres to run and play
  • Four outdoor artificial turf fields
  • 24,000 square feet of indoor space
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Curb-side service

A typical day at Wagsworth Manor includes 2 to 4 hours of morning and afternoon play, punctuated by a 2-hour nap and refreshment period at mid-day. Supervised by our attentive, trained staff, our group play is organized on the basis of size and temperament. Four outdoor turf fields ensure your pet stays clean while at play.

Individual Play

Our 6-acre facility also offers grassy, wooded yards for our friends who prefer special individual play time. These dedicated facilities will allow your dog to safely enjoy the sights and sounds of Wagsworth Manor and one-on-one play with our caregivers.

Optional Services

gif wagsworth boxer3Splash n’ Camp

Add a splash of fun to your dog’s day at Wagsworth Manor in our 24’x13’ indoor pool! It’s great for exercise, weight control and toning. And of course a great deal of fun! After swimming, your dog will be towel-dried and brushed -- and ready to go home looking and feeling great.

Groom n' Camp

Treat your dog to a day at the spa! Give him a sharp new look or take him home sleek, clean and fluffy after a luxurious bath. These services can be worked around your busy schedule -- grooming is available 7 days a week!

Gifted Enrichment Program

This is a new and exciting opportunity for select day camp dogs, and we're pleased to invite your dog to take part in this exclusive offer for our most intelligent canine clients. In addition to the usual Day Camp play times, dogs participate in activities that will challenge them mentally as well as physically - such as Agility, Swimming and Scent Work.  To participate in this program, appointments must be set with Joy our trainer in advance.  Feel free to contact her at joy.c@wagsworthmanor.com

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Day Camp FAQ's

What do I need to bring my dog?

• Verification from your veterinarian that vaccinations for rabies, distemper and bordetella are up to date.
• A completed pet services agreement.
• Group play dogs must be spayed or neutered if over 7 months old.

When can I drop-off or pick-up?

There are no limitations on drop-off or pick-up within the business hours. If you want your pup to go out the same time as the others, it is advisable to drop off before 8:30 am and 2:00 pm. When you drop off, we’ll ask a few questions about what you’d like your dog to do that day. You may want to add on a bath, busy bone or a swim.

What is the group play like?

We maintain a low dog-to-staff ratio and separate into groups by size and temperament. At Wagsworth Manor, we use expert judgment and an abundance of caution when accepting dogs into day camp.

What if my dog isn’t good with other dogs?

One of the things that makes us unique is our 20 grassy individual play yards on our six acres. We can offer your pup time on his own to explore and get some fresh air!

My dog is shy. Should I bring her for day camp?

By all means! Whether your pet is shy, active or outgoing, they all have a place in the pack. Some dogs may prefer to get attention from the day camp monitor, while more active dogs usually gravitate toward each other. They will still find it to be an engaging environment! And as time progresses, he/she will become more socialized which makes easier boarding while your away.

What is the play yard like?

Our play fields are Astroturf specially designed for canine use with an antimicrobial agent. This helps maintain a clean and healthy environment as your pet romps around with the others. We provide shade and wading pools for those who like to cool off with a dip. And dogs don’t get dirty or muddy!

Can my dog be fed or administered medication during the day?

Food and biscuits are inclusive in the day camp. We serve a tasty, highly nutritious premium brand food. You may choose to add on our Busy Bone to make nap time especially enjoyable. Oral medications may also be administered at this time if applicable. We serve lunch and treats at an appropriate time to allow for digestion before going out for more fun!

What about extreme weather conditions?

When conditions outside do not permit - due to inclement weather, temperature extremes, etc. - we move our play groups inside for supervised play.

How do I know how my dog’s day was?

Please request a report card at time of drop-off, so we can let you know how your dog did.

Day Camp Pricing


Per visit 10-Day Pass
Full Day (7am-7pm) $36 $340 ($34/day x 10)
Half-Day (7am-1pm or 1pm-7pm) $30 $280 ($28/day x 10)
Splash n' Camp $56 $540 ($54/day x 10)
Enrichment added to day camp $20  



Per visit 10-Day Pass
Full Day (7am-7pm) $56 $540 ($54/day x 10)
Half-Day (7am-1pm or 1pm-7pm) $50 $480 ($48/day x 10)
Splash n' Camp $96 $940 ($94/day x 10)



Per visit 10-Day Pass
Full Day (7am-7pm) $66 $640 ($64/day x 10)
Half-Day (7am-1pm or 1pm-7pm) $60 $480 ($48/day x 10)
Splash n' Camp $126 $1240 ($124/day x 10)


News & Events

Indoor Swimming

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Add a splash to your
pup’s next visit!

Add to boarding, day camp or by appointment for both group and individual swims. Our heated pool is open year round!
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Bring a New Friend

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Do you know someone who might be interested in bringing their pooch to Wagsworth for day camp? You (and your friend) can get a full day of day camp for half the price.
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