A Day in the Life of a Group Daycamp Dog


Want to know what all the bark is about? Ever wonder what your dog’s day looks like after you drop them off for a day of camp? Wagsworth Manor’s Daycamp Program, nestled on 6 acres in Malvern, PA, is an award-winning furry destination, but don’t take our word for it – experience the excitement through the eyes of Guinness, the black lab, one of our regular group daycampers:

7am – 8am: Drop off time! “We’re here, we’re here, we’re HERE!” Tail-a-wagging, when dad pulls in to Wagsworth, I can barely contain my excitement! Head hanging out the back window, I see many of my furry friends heading inside for our fun-filled day. Dad gives Wagsworth a call to let them know we’re here, and one of the friendly camp counselors greets me at the car with a big hello and some pets. I’m so excited that I almost forget to say goodbye to Dad, but Dad never forgets to send in some special treats for me as I leap and bound my way down the hallways to my friends. As soon as I enter the lobby, each of my other human friends cheers as I come in, and I greet each of them with a wet nose!

8am – 9:30am: Settling in before we all go outside in my private nap space, I get to see all of my best furry friends come in! I always say hello and each new friend is greeted by many warm hellos from those around me! Most of the time we all rest and relax until it’s time to go run around and play. I need to be well-rested in preparation for all the fun we’re about to have together!

10 am: Time to go outside!!!! All of our smiling camp counselors help open the doors for me and show me the way – although really, I have this down, and know exactly where I’m going – but they are always there to cheer me on!

10am – 12pm: GROUP PLAY! The greatest time in the world! I step out onto the field of special green grass that’s kept nice and clean for me, the fresh air blowing through my ears and shady trees around me, greeting each of my friends as only we dogs do. During the summertime, there’s even a fresh bone-shaped pool of water to play in and misters to keep us cool – they’ve really thought of everything!  Me and my friends get to play for two whole hours together! We have so much fun racing around playing chase, bouncing around on the play equipment, and going over to our camp counselor for ear and butt scratches. The attentive camp counselor watches over us and makes sure everyone is being safe, having fun, and playing nicely with all of my friends. I love when my best friend, Roo, is at Wagsworth too. We have so much fun and a whole lot of tail wags together!

12:30pm – 2pm: Nap and lunch time. After so much play time, by the time we’re ready to go inside, we’re all ready for a dog nap. We head back to our private spaces, where we conk out right away and enjoy some time to relax. My paw-rents are extra awesome, because they always order me a special treat called a Busy Bone! It’s a bright, red Kong filled with yummy, homemade goodies, and as soon as I see it, my tail goes crazy! For the rest of quiet time, I like to take a nice, peaceful nap and wait until it’s time for round two!

2pm-4pm: More playtime!!!! Now that we’ve rested, we’re ready for some more rip-roaring, romping fun! Again we get to run out to our special grassy yard outside or if it’s raining or too cold, we’ll play in our heated, indoor room specially designed for us. We have another two hours of glorious fun together. We’re usually a bit calmer in the afternoon, since everyone got out so much of their energy jumping, romping, and chasing each other during the morning session. Sometimes in the afternoon I take a nap on the play equipment and take a break as I watch my friends play, or I’ll stick my nose in the air and watch the birds fly by or watch as my human friends walk other potential fur friends by our play yard. There is so much to see and do! Our camp counselor will also help us practice our manners by asking us to sit and learn to play by the rules.

4:30pm – 7pm: Rest and pickup time! Once our time outside comes to an end, we’re all pooped (no pun intended!) and head back in to wait for our parents to pick us up. We each nap until it’s our turn to go home and barely lift our heads to say bye as each of our friends leaves. After a full day of playing, snacking, socializing, and fun, I am so happy to see my mom or dad. They always bring me yummy snacks to encourage me to go into the car because I really don’t want to leave. I take a minute to make my rounds and say goodbye to all of my human friends. I wag my tail goodbye and can’t wait to get a good night’s sleep so I can do it all over again with new friends tomorrow!

Would your dog enjoy a day filled with exciting fun, new friends, exploration, and activity? See what all the bark is about by giving Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort a call at (610) 251-9247 to learn about this and other unique Daycamp options designed to get all tails a-wagging!