Dog Grooming

Treat your pet to a day at the spa! Wagsworth Manor’s full-service salon offers everything your pet needs to go home fresh and pampered. Your dog or cat will return sleek, clean, and sweet-smelling after a luxurious treatment from our talented groomers.

Happily groomed dog

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Dog getting a bath


Simply drop by for a bath or add it onto your pet’s next visit. Our convenient spa hours can be worked around your busy schedule. Our baths include nail trims and ear cleanings, with additional specialty treatments available.


Wagsworth Manor offers the state-of-the-art Hydrosurge bathing system that soothingly massages while deep-cleaning the coat close to the skin. This is available at no additional cost!


Pet parents know all about the extra work that goes along with our favorite furry shedders. With the help of our highly-trained spa technicians, your home can be made virtually fur-free. FURminator products reduce shedding and encourage healthier skin and a shiny topcoat. Natural, hypoallergenic, and non-drying, the FURminator process includes brushing with a special comb to clear out the loose undercoat.

Contact us to schedule grooming services!


Our groomers have experience with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and personalities. Using gentle and efficient techniques, we’ll provide a peaceful grooming experience and fabulous results. In addition to full-service haircuts, here are some of our specialty spa treatments:

Groom n’ Camp. Give your pup a chance to play, socialize, and go home with a sleek new look. Daycare and grooming are available seven days a week!

Nail Trimming. Regular nail trims reduce the growth of the blood vessels in the nail and spare your floors and furniture from damage. We can also finely contour the nail with a dremel for an extra-smooth finish.

Brush-Out Service. Our groomers can be scheduled to brush out your dog’s coat during a stay with us. This is recommended for any coats that require regular maintenance or for any water-loving pups who may get matted fur after playing in the pool.

Teeth Brushing. Canine dental hygiene is more than showing off your dog’s pearly whites. Plaque and bacteria enter the bloodstream through the mouth, making the heart, kidneys and liver work extra-hard. A quick brush at least twice weekly keeps the mouth clean and healthy.

Dog getting its nails trimming


We took our 4 month old puppy to Wagsworth today for her first grooming. Everyone took extra time to care for her....Especially Julie, her wonderful groomer who made sure to make a puppy’s first experience sweet. Needless to say, our little Addy looks amazing....Even cuter than we imagined! Everyone at Wagsworth is exceptional, special and simply the best.

Laura T.

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