Dog Swimming

Swimming at Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort is not only fun, but a great form of exercise.

Our indoor swimming pool just for dogs was designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. Broad steps run the width of the pool, to allow even the smallest dog to enter comfortably. Whether they just want to get their feet wet, or would enjoy splashing and swimming in the deeper water, we can accommodate your pet’s unique needs.

Swimming for Physical Therapy? Though we don’t have a swim therapist on site, we can do swim therapy with a veterinarian’s recommendations.

Swimming is offered both as an private exercise or as group play.

Thirty minute sessions include: a pre-brush, post-rinse and towel dry.

Dog swimming with tennis ball in its mouth

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Dog swimming with a ball in its mouth

Make a Splash and Enhance your Canine's Health

There are so many reasons dogs love swimming. It could be for an escape from the summer heat, or because he simply loves the water! Or--it could be for the unique benefits swimming offers your dog.

Just like with people, swimming offers dogs a non-weight bearing way to exercise with a unique set of benefits; it’s a well-rounded and healthy method of burning energy while having a ton of fun. Here are some of the reasons playing in the pool is more than a doggone good time:

  • Swimming’s a low-impact exercise that’s easy on joints while still providing a complete canine workout.
  • The water keeps pets cool and comfortable while they exercise during the dog days of summer.
  • Many dogs simply love swimming and would prefer no other form of play!
  • It’s a full-body exercise, from cardio to muscle strengthening. After a healthy swim, your pup will be tuckered out and ready to sleep peacefully at your side.
  • Variety is the spice of life! Playtime provides dogs the mental & physical stimulation they crave, and switching things up with a visit to our pool provides another layer of engagement.


Wonderful place. Great caring people. Our dogs love going to “Wags”. Cannot say enough good things about how they treat our beloved pets!

Tim G.

Dog Swimming Gallery