Luxury Cat Boarding

Wagsworth Manor is also a luxury retreat for the feline elite. Treat your cat to a stay in our deluxe cat suites, comfortably separate from our canine boarding in a quiet space built just for kitties.

Woman playing with a cat in a cat tree

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cat boarding suite

Feline Suites – Purrfect Accommodations

  • Our cattery is fully climate-controlled for the comfort of all guests
  • Each feline suite has a dedicated ventilation system, keeping air fresh and clean
  • Fluffy bedding and favorite toys make our cat guests feel right at home
  • Multi-level lounging areas are perfect for catnaps
  • We feed two meals daily to mimic your cat’s at-home schedule. We recommend bringing your cat’s usual diet, but we offer complementary NutriSource pet food for your convenience
  • Litter is scooped regularly and kept in a separate compartment for maximum cleanliness

All feline guests are required to have current vaccinations for rabies and FVRCP. Give us a call today to book your cat’s stay!

Contact us to schedule a reservation!

Activities & Plans

One-on-One Feline AttentionWhether it’s a nap on a lap, chasing a toy, or gentle stroking, our feline caregiver will figure out what makes your cat purr!
Cat's Meow Plan
Includes catnip toy, tuna snack and premium bedding