Back To School and Doggie Day Camp

With the transition from summer to fall, instead of going on walks and playing all day, parents are off to work and kids are back to school - leaving poor Fido behind! These changes not only impact your family’s routine, but your pet’s routine as well, and for some pets, these changes can lead to confusion, loneliness, and pent up energy with new behaviors like chewing shoes or too much energy when you just want to come home, relax, and watch the game.

It is important to know that your pet still needs ways to stay occupied and active to make the transition easier for all involved. Here, at Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort, we’re happy to help you through this transition. In addition to some tips below, here at Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort’s Daycamp Program, we take every step to ensure your pet stays mentally and physically active during the day. That way both you and your dog can come home ready to relax together at the end of a long, productive day!

Tips for the Transition

Getting back into busy, new routines is never easy for humans or dogs! Some pets enjoy the extra down time, while some can exhibit boredom or destructive behaviors. Dogs by nature are social, pack animals so knowing your dog and providing the proper balance of physical and mental stimulation that your dog needs is important. This can vary by your pet’s age, breed, and temperament.

dog and schoolbusSome tips and tricks to keeping your pet busy while you’re away:

  • Give them a stuffed hollow bone or toy filled with peanut butter and freeze the night before
  • Leave the TV on during the day to provide background noise
  • Give them a puzzle toy or have them go on a scavenger hunt to find their food
  • Get a sibling for your pet
  • Schedule a Puppy Playdate with a neighbor

And don’t forget about Doggie Daycamp as an option! Whether your pup needs a visit every day or could benefit from once a week or so, Doggie Daycamp provides a great option for staying social and playing with others (humans and furry alike) in a safe and fun environment! Not only will they have a great time, but you’ll enjoy that they’ve expended some energy!

Benefits of Dog Daycare

two dogs playingDoggie Daycamp is so helpful for you and your pet, and here’s why!

  • Socializing – Doggie Daycamp allows for great interaction and playtime with new friends - furry and human alike!
  • Change of scenery – Most of your pet’s world lives inside your home. Doggie Daycamp allows for a change of scenery, and it will feel like a mini vacation for them!
  • Tire your pooch out - All that running around and playing is wonderful exercise for your dog. By the time you bring them home, they’ll be ready to curl up at your feet to enjoy a relaxing evening together.

How Wagsworth Manor's Day Camp Program Can Help!

Wagsworth Manor in Malvern, PA takes every measure to ensure your pets are cared for in a fun and safe environment. From our expertly trained staff to the numerous activity options we offer, we understand the importance of a well-cared for pet. Our offerings include:

  • 6 acres of indoor and outdoor space to play!
  • For the water-loving dog, a full-size, salt-water indoor swimming pool
  • For the dog that loves people, one-on-one play sessions with our Activity Counselors
  • Group and Private Daycamp options
  • Astroturf play areas so your pet won’t go home dirty after a fun day of romping around
  • Busy Bones provide a fun treat in the middle of the day
  • Enrichment time offered by appointment only for extra mental stimulation!

Customize your dog’s day with our one or more of our many options to ensure they receive the premier care and fun you would provide at home!
Let Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort help you manage your busy lives with your four-legged family member’s needs during this transitional time of year! If you would like to learn more about our Doggie Daycamp or to schedule your pet’s first day, give us a call today! 610-251-WAGS