Fun, Homemade Toys to Keep You and Your Dog Happy

dog toyHello from Wagsworth Manor! Our whole staff cannot wait to see you and your dogs again.  Right now, so many of us are working remotely, which means we may have dogs with us in our new “office.” Even though studies have shown dogs in the workplace can provide a calming atmosphere, by now you and your puppy are probably suffering from a bit of cabin fever. Playing and being creative are great stress relievers.  Why not combine both and create fun activities with things you have around your home? 

Give one of these homemade toys a try! If you are doing them with your kids, you’ll want to monitor their use of scissors.  Please note: as with most toys, you should always keep an eye on your dog when he’s playing with any toy that can shred or be torn apart. 

T-Shirt Rope Toy

Turn that stack of tee shirts that no one is wearing into a tee shirt rope toy (if you also have bored kids at home, have them help measure and it may just count as math homework!) Measure the shirt into 12 strips about 1-2 yards long, the more colors, the better. Then it’s time to get to braiding! 

You’ll be doing a braiding method called scoubidou. If you’ve ever made a friendship bracelet, you’ll find this braiding method very familiar. Below is a link to a tutorial: 

Stray Sock Toy

If you’re like us, you have some mismatched socks around the house. Why not make that stray into a crinkly crushable mystery toy by adding a dry, empty water bottle? Simply put the water bottle into the sock and tie a knot. You can play fetch or your puppy can play all by himself. 

Puppy Puzzle Time

Have an inquisitive pup? Make a simple food puzzle to keep her occupied for hours! All you need is scissors, a plastic container with a lid (like a clean margarine or butter tub), and your dog’s kibble or treats (break the food into pieces so it’s more likely to come out of the holes).  Cut holes just big enough for the treats to escape. (Please note: if the holes are rough, you may have to sand them with sandpaper.) Put a small handful of food in the tub and seal it up. If your dog is too smart for her own good, you may have to tape the lid to the container. 

Have fun! If you have other fun homemade toy ideas or you make one of these, please share it with us on our Facebook page or email it to us at

Watch this space for more ideas to keep you and your family entertained!