Wagsworth Manor Has Reopened! Check Out Our Story on NBC10!

Chelsea at Wagsworth Manor

Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort’s reopening has been a great success! The staff is thrilled to see all our wagging-tailed friends again, and our clients have been eager to have their fur-kids head back to “school” - one dad arrived before we were opened on Monday and recorded a video of his dog going back for his first day!

We’ve seen a lot of energy from all of our guests. Many parents have let us know their furry friends were getting tired of “the same old faces” at home and couldn’t wait to start their day of Daycamp! With our seamless curbside drop-off and pick-up service, many of the dogs enthusiastically greeted staff at the first sight of our facility. One of our team members said, “It felt so good to see these dogs. I feel like our family is getting back together again.”

NBC10 even had us on air live to hear about the big day. If you didn’t see the interview, check it out at the link below. We were very excited!

At the end of the day on our first day back, one happy Daycamp dog didn’t want the day to end! When the staff escorted him out to his car, he protested by lying down on the sidewalk and refusing to get in the car. It took two Milk Bones and a strong staff member to finally coax him off the sidewalk and back home for the evening. (We wholeheartedly agree with him, we haven’t wanted the fun to end either!)

THANK YOU to our amazing customers for your support during this time and making our reopening a great success!

Why not come join the fun? Give us a call to make a reservation with us for Daycamp or Boarding at 610-251-9247. We can’t wait to see you!