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Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful for a Happy and Healthy Pet

By Chelsea Harris | November 16, 2018

Thanksgiving is a time for remembering what we are thankful for in life. For many, this includes their family, career, health, and equally as important, their furry friend! We can all get so caught up in our busy lives, we seldom take a moment to reflect upon the positive gifts that surround us. With this…

dog with mask

Tricks and Treats: How to Make Your Pets Halloween Less of a Fright

By Chelsea Harris | October 15, 2018

Did you know that Halloween is one of the most stressful nights for your pet after the Fourth of July? With a nearly endless stream of kids coming to the door, candy all around, and many spooky costumes, Halloween is filled with fun, comradery, and one heck of a sugar rush. So with this type…

dog and schoolbus

Back To School and Doggie Day Camp

By Chelsea Harris | September 20, 2018

With the transition from summer to fall, instead of going on walks and playing all day, parents are off to work and kids are back to school – leaving poor Fido behind! These changes not only impact your family’s routine, but your pet’s routine as well, and for some pets, these changes can lead to…

dog lying in grass

Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs

By Chelsea Harris | August 23, 2018

Did you know that dogs do not perspire the same way humans do? In fact, the only sweat glands they have are on the pads of their feet. Instead of sweating, dogs use panting to cool themselves down and also a process called convection. Convection involves the contact with air movement to help cool down…

Dog chewing on a bone

Why is My Dog Chewing?

By Chelsea Harris | March 10, 2017

A common question I get asked in training is, “Why is my dog chewing?!” While chewing is a natural dog behavior – remember, they don’t have hands! – it is important to understand the reasoning behind it. Below are the 5 most common reasons dogs chew and how best to handle them.

Dog looking into the camera

Athena the Agility Star!

By Chelsea Harris | January 30, 2017

We got the pleasure of meeting Athena, a seven month year old pit bull for the very first time this past week. She stole the staff’s heart very quickly!

Trainer teaching a dog how to use the hand signal for sit

The Command Stand

By Chelsea Harris | January 30, 2017

The command “Stand” teaches your dog to stand back up and to hold the standing position. This command can be especially useful for ‘stacking’ dogs, a term used in the show world for their dog to pose and stand still for the judge, but can also be used for everyday training.

Daycare dogs playing in pools

Ever Wonder What It's Like to be a Day Camper?

By Chelsea Harris | December 29, 2016

The day to day life of a day camper is definitely an interesting one, you’ll never have the same experience twice in a single yard, and for that I’m always excited to see what group I’ll have next!

A photo of a golden retriever festively dressed for Fall Activities in Main Line PA

Protected: Dog-Friendly Fairs, Festivals, and Fun Runs Happening in the Main Line PA Area This Fall

By hsmuser | September 16, 2015

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