Breaking Down the Benefits of Daycamp


By now, it feels like we’ve all been in the house for an eternity and everyone is getting antsy over when COVID will end – your pets included. For some of you, you may have begun to return to the office, leaving your furry friend wondering where you’re going each day.  Or maybe you’re still living the #wfh life and have now added your children’s virtual learning. Regardless, everyone is managing more on their plate than ever before, and this is exactly why it’s necessary for you (and your pet’s) sanity to create a routine that benefits both of your well-being.  Here’s where Wagsworth’s Daycamp comes into play! (Literally and figuratively).


A day at Daycamp can be invaluable to your pet, because it provides them with socialization, structure, exercise, a change of scenery, stimulation and so much more! This is even more important as people begin to enter back into a routine of leaving the house for work. Since you’ve been at home with your pets for 6 months now, preparing them for you to be gone during the day by letting them have a fun day out of the house will ease their minds – and yours.  


  • Socialization – The socialization aspect of a day of daycare has become even more crucial due to the current COVID climate – not just playing with friends, but also exposure to new environments, schedules, and human beings like our trained Wagsworth team. Proper and regular socializing of your dog can help avoid significant training concerns down the road like separation anxiety, which are not only stressful for pets but also their parents. It’s important to prepare for our future return to work and school. Start now!
  • Structure – Structure is key for humans and pets alike. A day at Daycamp allows for your pet to be on a routine again, with set times for play, rest, eating, etc. Having your pet become reacclimated to a routine will make managing your life at home a little bit easier! 
  • Exercise – Dogs need between 10 minutes and up to 1 hour of playtime each day depending on their age and breed, and we know it can be difficult to find that time out of your busy day to keep your dog properly exercised. Our Daycamp will give your dog all the exercise he or she needs, so they will be tired and able to enjoy a relaxing evening with you! 
  • New Scenery – A change of scenery is so beneficial to the happiness of your pet. Think about it this way, how many times have you thought about how desperately you need to get out of the house? The same goes for your dog! With our 6 acres of  outdoor and indoor play spaces, your pup gets to explore, quite literally, a whole new world. Which will lead them to come home happy and extra excited to see their family! 
  • Training – Simulation & training without them even realizing! During a day at Daycamp, your dog will experience basic training without them even noticing! Our staff is committed to making your dog have the best day ever when they spend a day with us and that includes receiving constant love and attention! Your dog will be stimulated in a completely new way but positively interacting with other dogs, exploring a different space and so much more. Pro hack – add our busy bone flavor of the month for additional mental stimulation. This month’s flavor “Bark to School” is perfect to jumpstart your whole family getting back into a routine!


Ready to stop having to mute your Zoom meetings, school classes and so much more while your dog barks at the Amazon delivery man? Book a Daycamp appointment today!