Why Your Pet Deserves a 5 Star Vacation


You look forward to planning your perfect vacation all year long – but, have you ever thought about how your pet would also enjoy a luxury vacation where he or she gets to be pampered, make friends and enjoy some much needed “me time?”. This summer don’t just give your pet any old vacation – treat them to one they’ll always remember. Here’s what a typical boarding vacation looks like at Wagsworth Manor.


  • Wellness Evaluations – Once your pet checks in for their stay, our trained team will perform a 9 point wellness check so we can make sure they return home just as healthy – if not healthier, than they arrive at our door! Our team also monitors your pet’s wellness throughout the entirety of their visit to make sure they’re happy & healthy each day!
  • Award Winning Accommodations – All of our suites are air-conditioned with our top-of-the-line air-filtration system. This ensures that your pet will be provided with the utmost comfort and care at all times during their stay at Wagsworth Manor. 
  • Outdoor Space – We have over 6 acres of land on our property, which allows for plenty of space for your pup to roam and explore and experience that change of scenery we all crave during the year!
  • Housekeeping Services Daily – Your pup will be pampered daily with fresh bedding and housekeeping to keep their suite clean and comfortable. Not only will they be living in a perfectly kept room that is monitored throughout the day, but they will also receive a complimentary treat on their pillow each night!
  • Memorable Treats – Remember that favorite cocktail you drank poolside or that appetizer you still think about from a vacation years ago? Our Busy Bones that change monthly with seasonally-inspired flavors will create that same mouth-watering moment for your four-legged friends.  
  • Swim Time – We have bone-shaped swimming pools for your pet to relax poolside and take a dip with their buddies! What’s a vacation without time spent in the sun & in the pool?! On a rainy day, you can even schedule time for your pup to swim in our full-size, indoor salt-water pool!
  • Vacation Friends – Just as you make friends on vacation, so does your pup! We group playtimes based on the size and temperament of each dog, so they’re surrounded by furry playmates that will enhance their experience. 


This summer make sure your pet also experiences their dream vacation with a stay at Wagsworth Manor! Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning facility and boarding services!